Gia Medley revitalizes hip hop with an energetic set list of 23 tracks, each complete with un-flinching, raw lyricism. She takes no breaks during the course of the mixtape, with each song as classic and vibrant as the last. This mixtape will have your iPod on repeat! Dare we say, that this is the best mixtape of 2013, and the year has only just begun!

Gia Medley reportedly spent the greater part of 2012 in production of “100 Bars,” and has tirelessly created music videos to along with many of the standout performances from the mixtape. The tape itself was recorded, mixed, and produced by her producer Richard Donald, in his North Hollywood studio. Aside from one original by Richard Donald (Track 13 – “Someone Like You” Remix), this collection of songs features industry beats from notable artists, spanning the gamut of Drake-to-Kanye-to-Odd Future, and Gia Medley displays how easily she fluently can switch styles.

This mixtape is well worth a listen and damn sure worth downloading. Its currently a free download on her BandCamp page, and you can find the link here:

One thought on “100 Bars: Gia Medley Drops Mixtape of the Year!

  1. Her flow and the beats are so clear and fresh entry into the market. Look forward to listening to the entire download.

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