I’m deeply embarrassed by this next generation of students. University of Delaware is my alma mater, and I often felt that my fellow students cared more about drinking and partying than academics or pursuit of enlightenment….and that says a lot considering I was addicted to drugs at the time.

I’m deeply embarrassed because these kids would rather live a life of excess on their parents dime and revolt out of drunk boredom, than plan and stage any effective form of rebellion for a worthy cause…like bombing Syria, or NSA surveillance, or healthcare reform, or even poverty and 1% economics. No, these kids aren’t even local to Newark, Delaware and they feel such a strong sense of quasi-middle-class entitlement, that they feel my hometown is their playground to destroy.

Maybe some of the more radical kids should be expelled and sent back to their rural-Jersey home, which isn’t close to being paid off because the parents just refinanced their mortgage to afford the privilege of sending their child to one of the most historically established and respected universities in the country. Way to show appreciation and humility, class of 2017 or whatever

2 thoughts on “I’m Shmacked: University of Delaware Students Revolt!

  1. At least when my generation took the streets of Newark it was for a purpose- ending the war in Nam. If I were the parent footing the bill, my student would be home so fast in their old bedroom attending classes at the local community college. Why waste the money?

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