There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s, just like there is no “correct” way to make art. Hal Lasko, better known as “Grandpa,” has proven that by creating beautiful works of art using Microsoft Paint, a graphic design software that has fallen out of common use since the days of Windows 98. Hal Lasko has also proven to us that at 98 years old, he is making some of his finest works, and that there is no better time than now to express yourself.

Living in Hollywood, I often hear the phrase “Industry Standard” get tossed around a bunch, often by those fearful that their art work wont be appreciated or accepted unless it adapts to a checklist of rules and practices. This 9 minute piece is incredibly inspiring to me, as a reminder that there are no rules, and that we are only bounded by the limits of our imagination.

One thought on “The Pixel Painter: Hal Lasko Creates Masterpieces in MS Paint

  1. Thanks for sharing this piece. It is Monday morning when most dread the start of the work week. This was truly inspiring and makes one grateful for being alive when you see someone so many years your senior so full of life. Made me want to jump up and say “yahoo” on a Monday morning. WOW!

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