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La Bey traps Christina with “Genie in a Bottle” remix.

“I spoke recently with a childhood friend of mine and they reminded me that I had once jokingly promised to remix this song, way back around the time it was first released. Maybe back then I must have thought it ironic in a humorous way to remix a pop vocal. But nowadays, I want people to know that I don’t intend it for my music to be ironic. I like this Christina record, and I remix it in curiosity and respect and for the experience on my journey as a musician. Peep game, download and use the music, share and comment as you feel so moved to do. Enjoy.”

– La Bey

Devin K releases hot new club single, “Move.”

Devin K is back again with a new electro single that really makes us wanna “Move.”

The new song is quite a stark departure from his previous sounds on his previous “Back to LA” EP, which showcased more of a So-Cal-Beach-Boy type of pop sound reminiscent of Jason Mraz. This time around, Devin has collaborated with 4resh’s own La Bey to co-write and produce a more edgy and mature sound. The two teamed up quite fantastically, with both performers merging a fusion of styles that reminds us of the Disclosure and Sam Smith duo on the popular “Latch” record.

We think its hella dope. Check out the visuals!!

Aria releases debut single “Cotton Candy”

Aria teams up with her producer La Bey in releasing a new song called “Cotton Candy,” and it is a sweet little tune that captures summer love 1960s soul into one musical moment.

Aria is currently working with La Bey on a series of records for what the two of them have been calling the “Vintage Vacation” project.

This boy lip-synced his way through Puberty!

It totally brings new meaning to the phrase, “I grew up listening to Queen.”

In a truly entertaining, time-lapse style video, watch Matt Perren lip-sync to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and age by 3 years throughout the duration of the clip. The project took him 1,101 days to complete, as he had to, essentially, lip-sync to the song everyday, in the same clothes and position. It’s really quite facinating to see his hair grow and face change over the years.