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Gia Medley Releases Official Video for “Polly Pocket Bitches”

Gia Medley teams up with producer “La Bey” to make her latest hit, “Polly Pocket Bitches.” The song is frantic, with oddball timing and popping noises peppered with syncopated drumset samples. And this is all before Gia Medley says a word! It all seems a bit strange at first, and then it starts growing on you. Gia scores with this song by writing such an anthemic and catchy hook. The fusion between Gia Medley and La Bey’s styles is such a wonderful flavor, because they both love to indulge in the abstract. This is an instant classic! Now available for your immediate down here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/giamedley

Aria gives soul to Rihanna’s ballad, “Stay.”

Last week, Rihanna released her steamy, nude-in-tub music video for “Stay.” And although that video has been met with over 30 million warm welcomes in its 1st week, we think that we have created something hotter! Aria shows us that she is completely comfortable singing ballads, and although many have said she looks like Rihanna, that has not stopped her from being inspired by bad girl Ri Ri. Watch and download Aria’s version NOW FOR FREE!